Results-Driven training For you and your teams

Christy provides engaging, results-driven training that gives teams new insights, stronger skills, and motivation to drive the group forward and grow businesses to have a healthy and profitable bottom line.

Mini Courses

A variety of topics that can be delivered in short bites.


Full training themed for your team's needs


Tailored training to your goals and vision.

Mini Courses

Personal Branding – How To Own YOU

Create a clear consistent presentation of you in the world. Discover YOU, define your “WHY,” and design your social style to increase your confidence.

Be a Social Media Superstar

Learn how to plan the best way to use social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and others to grow your audience and increase awareness that can build relationships.

Handling Change In An Ever-Changing World

Understanding how your mindset and motivation affects how you handle change when it happens.

Impactful Communication

We all have our own way of communicating with others and ourselves. Learn more about your style and how you can be more impactful with your message.

Time Management to Mastery

We all have 24 hours in a day. Using them wisely can set us on the path to high performance and pinnacle-level goal achieving. Or at the very least, feeling like we’ve been productive in a day.

Networking That Works

When you network to make relationships that produce referrals, you are setting yourself up for long-lasting success.  Learn the process that works, and the all the tactics that don’t work.

How To Handle Stress

Stress not handled properly can cause a variety of issues in your health, your relationships, and your work.  Being able to control the stress factors can make you a better person living a more abundant life.

Powerful Presentations

Level-up your presentation skills with tips and tools to make you and your presentations not only make sense, but engage audiences.

A combination of communication and emotional intelligence that results in more self-awareness and confidence when showing up in teams, board meetings and presentations.


Being Super

How to engage your inner hero to show up in a super way for you, your team, and your community. Following the concepts of Joseph Campbell who wrote “The 12 Stages of the Monomyth,” how do we relate our own lives to that of the hero of the story and what tools do we use when facing adversity?

Focus areas: self-awareness and development, communication, leadership, empowerment

Services available:  Keynote, 3 hour workshop, full retreat

Transactional Talk to Transformational Conversations

Combining Social / Emotional / and Conversational Intelligence concepts and methods to take communication from a transaction state to one of transformation to influence and shape the future in an authentic way.

Focus areas:  Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Personality Assessment, Leadership, Teams

Services available:  Keynote, workshop, full day retreat

Finding Balance In The Battles

Combining Christy’s personal story of balancing life’s expectations with the character of Wonder Woman. The similarities are uncanny as professionals trying to life a full life with all its adventures and create a sense of balance, or harmony.

Focus areas:  work-life balance, self-care

Services available:  Keynote, 1.5 hour workshop, full day retreat

Strategic Planning

Every plan should be a strategic one whether for life or business.  The best high performing professionals have a strategic plan to grow themselves and their business to a new level. The Strategic Planning Experience provides instruction on every element of a strategic plan including the accountability to get the plan done.

Focus areas:  planning, branding, leadership

Services available:  Keynote, 1.5 hour workshop, full day retreat


When you have a specific result in mind, but one mini-course won’t do it.  Christy can customize a training and development program to meet your strategy for team growth.