Conquer Complacency, Ignite Action

Supercharge your people to live and work on purpose, and make a positive impact in their own unique way

"This woman is nothing short of amazing!"
Kristi Kunaschk
Owner, Cardinal Closets


On Your Hero Journey

Whether on stage or online, Christy Smallwood is an engaging and energetic keynote speaker that makes your audience think different to do different. Christy blends humor and storytelling on how to apply the Being Super method to take control of life, conquer complacency, and ignite action to achieve your dreams.  She makes it easy for meeting planners by incorporating a strategy-first approach to tailor the experience to the goal of the event.


Christy’s flagship keynote and book, Being Super, is all about applying the Hero’s Journey template to your own life – with a superhero twist.  

We all go through adversity, either by choice or not, and knowing how to navigate the journey through the battles is the key to obtaining victory over the villain.

How does this help your group? 

Christy’s keynote and workshop of the BEING SUPER method helps a person understand themselves, be inspired to see their potential, understand their place in the world a little more, and empowered to take steps forward through their battles.

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"Christy has a way of getting inside your head and making you connect with yourself and others in a more meaningful way."
Josh Suiter
CEO, The Chamber of St. Matthews


These times call for creative solutions to connect and grow together. From online events to pre-recorded programs, Christy delivers fun, interactive virtual presentations full of relevant content that will engage and captivate your audience.

"Great trainer, provides a very comfortable atmosphere. Held me accountable and created obtainable realistic goals and is very engaging. I worked with Christy and she literally lit up the room, her presence was tangible and powerful."
Adam Bernd

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