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Training Modules

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Strategic Planning

Groups of all kinds getting on the same page

Strategic Planning

Groups of all kinds getting on the same page

Navigate Trials and Overwhelm like a super hero

You and your team have been through a lot. One battle right after another. What if you could make sense of it all and take control of your life for the good of you and the world around you?

The Being Super program is about staying true to yourself and engaging your inner hero to accomplish more wherever you are. Learn how to understand rhythm of your story and utilize tools to go deeper in your own awareness of yourself, your team, and the world around you. 

The Call

Break status quo and answer the call to adventure.

Training Topics

  • Defining your core
  • Discovering your mission
  • Mindset to make it happen
  • Handling change

The Quest

Discover what you're made of while teaming up with others.

Training Topics

  • Personalities
  • Generational
  • Working as a team
  • Impactful Communication

The Battles

Stay on mission and defeat the villains.

Training Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leveraging adversity
  • Finding balance

The Victory

Celebrate the victories.

Training Topics

  • Incorporating fun activities and events into the training

The Continuing Adventures

Each new adventures holds new opportunities.

Training Topics

  • Developing stretch goals
  • Visioning the future

You are the hero of your own epic story.

“How do you overcome all the crap that life throws at you, still have a good attitude and seem so excited about the future?” 

That has been a common question I’ve been asked by various people over the years. My answer was, “Jesus and superheroes.”

Superheroes come from a literary template written about by Joseph Campbell (The Hero’s Journey) that can be codified and translated into useful tools for our own lives. 

These simplified stages of life: The Call, The Quest, The Battles, The Victories, and The Continuing Adventures, can help us understand where we are within the trials of life and use our unique traits and skills to win the battles.  

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