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How to engage your inner hero to show up in a super way for you, your team, and your community. Following the concepts of Joseph Campbell who wrote “The 12 Stages of the Monomyth,” how do we relate our own lives to that of the hero of the story and what tools do we use when facing adversity?

Focus areas: self-awareness and development, communication, leadership, empowerment

Services available:  Keynote, 3 hour workshop, full retreat

Pursuing Peace (on Paradise Island)


Combining Christy’s personal story of balancing life’s expectations with the character of Wonder Woman. The similarities are uncanny as professionals trying to life a full life with all its adventures and create a sense of balance, or harmony.

Focus areas:  work-life balance, self-care

Services available:  Keynote, 1.5 hour workshop, full day retreat

Find Your Voice

Combining Social / Emotional / and Conversational Intelligence concepts and methods to take communication from a transaction state to one of transformation to influence and shape the future in an authentic way.

Focus areas:  Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Personality Assessment, Leadership, Teams

Services available:  Keynote, workshop, full day retreat

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