The Situation

Evil alien overlord is trying to take over the world.

Enter the hero to save the day.

Hero gets ass kicked.

Gets up to fight again.

Gets ass kicked again.

All hope seems lost.


Superheroes were the inspiration, the stories of overcoming challenges made it meaningful, and applying it to my own life made it powerful.

Being Super combines the concept of superheroes and the heroic story template into 5 stages that we can apply to our own lives.

The Call

Before an adventure begins for every hero there is a sense of normalcy.  Looking from the outside, we get a view into the everyday routine of life for the hero.  There’s a level of contentment to the day-in-day-out activities.  Everything is as expected in his world.  The hero feels certain that tomorrow will be similar to today.  The status quo is known to the hero.

It’s your comfort zone.

In a flash of seconds, something happens to disrupt your calm. A fire breaks out, a burglar breaks in, the test results came back positive for cancer, you get a promotion, a drunk driver veers into your lane, you start a new business, a loved one unexpectedly dies, it could be anything.  This moment thrusts you into a realm of unknowns.  A new adventure. New territories to discover. No more comfort zone. Your world will never be the same.

You, the hero, start to feel the pressure.  The weight of responsibility.  The deep-seated connection to protect and serve those around you. You discover there’s more to your world than you thought.  You realize you have a purpose.  You get “the Call” to something greater, and you have to make a decision – to stay or go on the quest.

The Quest

The adventure begins. A new quest has been laid before you.  You know you’re going to take down the villain and save the world, but don’t know how to get there.  Along the way, a mentor appears to teach you what you need to know for this quest.  To point you in the right direction as a guide. To keep you focused.  To help you overcome those first challenges.  To help you not give up when the battle begins.


The quest is also the part of the journey where you discover what you are capable of.  Strengths are discovered, weaknesses are overcome, tools are sharpened, and your core is defined.  You’re going to feel the change, and not always in your muscles. Your emotions will be heightened, your will tested. Your confidence forms.  


Do you have what it takes to enter the battlefield?

The Battle

The time has come. The hero is face-to-face with the giant.  This is the culmination of those decision moments along the quest.  What will happen? 


Invariably, you take a beating. It’s your first time facing this foe. The villain was more prepared than you. So, you step back, analyze, regroup, form the plan, dig deeper, and take a deep breath.


This is the defining moment.  Have you developed your super self to conquer the giant in front of you?  The moment seems bleak. Until you remember everything you’ve been fighting for along the way.  The importance of the mission.  The impact this moment will have on your world.  Take a deep breath, scream your battle cry, and advance into the fray.

The Victory

Standing in the midst of the destruction caused by the battle, the hero stands victorious.  


The battle is won. 


Let the celebration begin!

Continuing Adventures

Time to recover.  


Time to sift through the ashes to see what remains.  


The hero finds that only remnants of his former self have survived.  He has changed into something stronger. He is a new superbeing.  


He is no longer able to return to the status quo. He knows his purpose. And he will live out that purpose to make his world a better place.  


Always vigilant.


Always open and willing for a new quest.


Always being super.

You are the hero of your own epic story.

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